The First 2 Months - A Survival Guide

Twins: 7 Weeks Old
Paisley: 2 & 4 months

The first 2 months (nearly) have gone by so quickly I can barely believe it. But whilst the months are short the days can often be very, very long.

If you’ve come to this blog to read about how having 3 under 3 is easy and everyone can do it you have come to the wrong place. I’m going to be real... sometimes it is BRUTAL. But amongst the sleepless nights, cluster feeding, toddler tantrums and endless washing we are slowly but surely getting the hang of this!

I have put together a list of survival items below that you will need to get you through the newborn twins phase, especially if you have a toddler too. These are all things I have NEEDED and used time and time again, you can thank me later.

  • Big knickers. As big as possible. I cannot reiterate this point enough. I had a natural birth and a c section, enough said.
  • Vest tops and leggings. This will be your uniform! I like wearing vest tops under other tops whilst breastfeeding as you can pull one layer up and one down to be a bit more covered.
  • Quick and easy meals. Either batch cook prior to having the babies and freeze or buy some in. Always have a couple of “easy meals” waiting just in case your day goes out of the window and you have no time or energy to cook.
  • A large water bottle. If you’re recovering from birth / you’re breastfeeding you NEED to keep hydrated. Have a big bottle to save yourself too many trips to the kitchen.
  • A twin cushion that you can have downstairs on the sofa. Whether it’s putting them down quickly to answer the door or to put them in to chill, you need something that’s quick and easy to access. It’s the only thing I can easily pick both babies up out of one handed. Added bonus you can also use for bottle feeding!
  • A soft feeding cushion - I have a doomoo cushion, I have actually mastered tandem breastfeeding because of this cushion. I use it at every single feed it has honestly been a god send. Can also use it when they’re older for sitting in, truly a fab purchase.
  • Next2Me (other brands are available) I have both babies in the one crib. I don’t have to leave my bed in the night (see below point for changing) true had made night feeds so much easier!
  • Changing caddy x2. One in living area, one by the babies bed. Taking the babies to bed means 3 trips up and down the stairs for me with all the stuff I have to take, let alone if I had to take nappies etc too. Keep both caddies stocked at all times and include a change of clothes for both babies.
  • Sticker / Colouring books / other quiet activities for your older child(ren). I was mainly housebound for a couple of weeks after delivering the twins and was so thankful for quiet activities to keep her entertained as a bored toddler is no ones friend!!
  • Reigns. If your older child doesn’t walk nicely you will need these whilst carrying two car seats you do not have a third hand!!! Luckily P holds on to the car seat but I can only imagine the stress if I had a runner. (link is to the best rated ones at the moment)
  • White Noise on your Spotify playlist. This will save you at some point. Have it ready. The twins particularly like rain sounds.
  • Somewhere to vent. Be it your partner, your Instagram (remember to follow me @soph.atoddlerandtwins) or just writing it down - have somewhere to vent. It can be HARD being a new Mum and talking honestly helps so much!

As much as there have been some hard times already there have also been wonderful times. It is so lovely seeing the twins develop and start to get their own personalities and it’s amazing seeing Paisley being the most natural, caring, loving sister ever. In the hard times I have to remind myself this stage is over in the blink of an eye and I need to cherish it before It’s over forever.

Until next time

Soph xo

If you're new and just finding me now, hi! My first post was my birth story which you can read here.


  1. Mhairi

    Such a brilliant, practical list. 100% agree it’s all useful. We done loads of batch cooking pre arrival and still do it to this day to make life easier.

    • Ashleigh

      Sophie is so refreshingly honest isn’t she. Do you have twins too Mhairi?



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