Capture the Essence of Summer with Outdoor Family Portraits

Summer is in the air, and it’s the perfect time to freshen up your family photo albums with some vibrant summer portraits! As the flowers bloom and the world bursts into colour, there’s no better backdrop for capturing the essence of your family than the great outdoors during this beautiful season. Whether you’re a seasoned pro at family photo sessions or this is your first time considering one, summer offers a unique opportunity to create lasting memories with your loved ones.

Why Summer is Perfect for Family Portraits

Summer is a time of warmth and joy, making it an ideal season to capture your growing family. The natural light is softer and more flattering, the parks and gardens are alive with colour, and there’s a sense of joy and playfulness in the air that’s just infectious. Moreover, with the weather warming up, everyone’s more comfortable during outdoor shoots, allowing those genuine smiles and candid moments of fun to shine through.

Choosing the Right Location

The location of your summer portrait session can really set the tone for your photos. Public gardens, parks, and even your own home or garden can provide stunning natural backdrops. Seeking spots with blooming flowers or lush greenery, you’ll be surprised how you might overlook a backdrop that can be made to look stunning. These settings not only add beauty, colour, and sentiment to your photos but also allow your children to explore and interact with their environment, which always makes for the most adorable shots.

What to Wear

Summer is all about colours and light fabrics. Think pastels, floral prints, and light layers. Coordinating your family’s outfits can add a harmonious look to your photos without being too matchy-matchy. For example, choosing a colour scheme and letting each family member express their style within those hues is a great idea. Comfort is key, especially for young children, to ensure they’re happy and cooperative during the session.

Making the Most of Your Session

Summer portrait sessions with young children are as much about the experience as they are about the final photos. To get the best out of your session, consider these tips:

  • Schedule your shoot for the morning or late afternoon when the light is softest, and children are usually in the best mood.
  • Bring along a few of their favourite toys or a book to help them feel comfortable and to use as props in your photos.
  • Let them play and explore. Some of the best shots are captured when children are simply being themselves, immersed in the wonder of nature.

While posed shots are great, the candid moments in between are often where the magic happens. A giggle as they chase a butterfly, a moment of awe at a blooming flower, or a spontaneous hug can capture the spirit of your family in an unforgettable way. Encouraging interaction among your family members and letting me capture these genuine moments is key.

Summer portrait sessions are an opportunity to press pause on family life and cherish the love within your family. They’re a chance to create not just photos, but memories that will warm your heart for years to come. For more details and to check my availability, please visit Family Sessions.


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