Life in Quarantine with a Toddler and Twins

A Toddler and Twins, Baby Photography

No one mention the C word...

Twins: 12 weeks old
Paisley: 2 & 5 months

So since my last post a lot has changed, not just for my family but for the whole world! You all know what’s been going on with Covid-19/Coronavirus so I want to talk about how it has affected us!

So March started off great! I really felt like I had found my feet with having 3 children under 2 and had fallen into a routine of sorts. I hadn’t been feeling as tired and things were feeling a lot more calm.

Then it hit.

To begin with I think a lot of us felt like the Coronavirus wasn’t that serious, we had heard it was just a flu and only the vulnerable would be affected. But then gradually it started to become evident this was a lot more serious.

Now, as soon as the death toll started to rise and the government were advising to work from home if you could, I made the decision to stay at home and not see anyone, this included family and childcare. A lot of people thought that was extreme but I could see further restrictions would be coming and wanted to protect my family the best I could. This sounds like a sensible decision as I’m writing it but it actually came from a place of massive anxiety and pure fear.

For the first couple of weeks I spent a lot of time watching news updates, reading stories online and feeling so stressed and agitated about the risk of infection. My hands were red raw from scrubbing them and I was making Eoin strip at the door when he came home from work, he would go straight to the shower and I would put all clothes straight in the wash and disinfect anything he had so much as looked at. I was knackered from having all 3 kids full time with no support for the first time ever and spent a lot of nights in tears from fear and anxiety.

Now, the situation has most definitely gotten worse worldwide but I think the shock factor of it has started to fade as we come to terms with this temporary way of life. I am finding it’s slightly easier to manage mentally. Eoin is now home from work - whilst this will massively affect us financially the infection risk is lowered so I feel safer and happier. We haven’t been going out other than for essential shopping if I can’t get an online delivery. We’re so lucky to have a decent size garden so can ‘exercise’ there.

"I have felt really angry"

I have felt really angry seeing people on social media blatantly not following the rules and showing off about it. But I know we are taking precautions as best we can and realise I can’t control others actions only my own! I've stopped watching constant updates. Only checking the news once a day, making sure any news I read is from official sources and blocked anyone online who isn’t following lockdown guidelines. I have found this REALLY helps manage and contain the anxiety I’ve been feeling!

Whilst the situation is still horrendous worldwide I have realised that once this is all over we will be craving family time like the time we have now. So, instead of moaning I’m bored or I wish I could go out. I have decided to make the most of this time, make memories as a family and be grateful for the little things we so often take for granted! Our days have been filled with homemade games and activities for Paisley, cooking, films, cuddles and enjoying being together.

Don’t get me wrong I’m missing my family something chronic and my god it is HARD having everyone at home!!  If you thought it’d be easier with Eoin around, you’re wrong - it’s just one more person to tidy up after! But I know we will get through this and every day is a day closer to our new normal.

I have to say, I am in complete awe of our key workers, especially the NHS. They’re so incredibly brave, I can’t say I’d be the same. So from the bottom of my heart, thank you.

Until next time, stay home, stay safe.


If you're new to my posts hi! You can view my previous instalment on my key things for survival here!
You can also see our daily happenings on our Instagram @Soph.aToddlerAndTwins


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