Keeping a pregnancy journal

Pregnancy is an incredible journey full of ups and downs. And although 9 months can seem like a very long time, I promise you it flies by in the blink of an eye. As a newborn and maternity photographer, I've seen many families who regret not documenting their pregnancy journey. I’ve been working with pregnant women and new mums for 10 years in August, and all of them say similar things when they come into my studio for their newborn session; ‘I miss my bump’ or ‘my pregnancy went by so quickly’.  

There are a couple of ways you can make sure that you always have special reminders of this beautiful time in your life.

Firstly, take photographs, lots and lots of photographs!  If you want something more than selfies or phone snaps, I offer bespoke maternity portraits from my studio in Orpington, Bromley. You can find out more about those here

I also highly recommend keeping a pregnancy journal. A pregnancy journal is a great way to capture and preserve all the special moments, thoughts, and feelings during this magical time. Writing down your experiences can help you look back on your pregnancy with fond memories and help you connect with your baby in a meaningful way. It’s also a beautiful way to share this special time once your baby is older.

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Here are some suggestions for what you can write in your pregnancy journal:
  • Thoughts and feelings - Write about your thoughts, feelings, and emotions throughout your pregnancy. Jot down your initial reactions when you found out you were pregnant, your fears, your hopes, and your dreams for your baby.
  • Milestones - Record significant milestones like the first time you felt your baby move, the first time you heard their heartbeat, and the first ultrasound.
  • Food cravings - Pregnancy comes with some strange and often hilarious food cravings. Write them down and look back on them with a smile.
  • Body changes - Write about how your body is changing, how you're adapting, and how you're feeling about the changes.
  • Baby names - Create a list of potential baby names and their meanings. Document how you chose the name for your baby.
As well as writing in your journal, you can also keep mementoes in your pregnancy journal to make it even more special. Here are some ideas:
  • Ultrasound photos - You can keep copies of your ultrasound photos in the pages of your journal. Did you know ultrasounds fade over time, so take a picture with your phone and have it printed for your journal
  • Belly photos - Take photos of your growing belly throughout your pregnancy and include them in your journal. If you get professional maternity portraits taken, keep them in your journal too.
  • Baby shower invitations - Keep the invitations and thank you cards from your baby shower to remember the day. Add photos from your baby shower too, including all the fun games that you play. I have great post about alternative baby showers here.
  • Baby goodies - Keep pictures of the first items you buy for your baby, your pregnancy tests, pictures of you assembling and decorating the nursery, even pictures of your pram shopping.
  • Letters to your baby - Write letters to your baby throughout your pregnancy and include them in your journal. These letters will be a cherished gift for your child when they're older.

Keeping a pregnancy journal is a wonderful way to document your pregnancy journey and create a lasting memory for you and your baby. As a newborn photographer, I know how precious these memories are so I’ve made it super easy for you with my printable pregnancy journal, which you’ll find below;

Click here to get your Pregnancy Journal  


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