Bubbles & Cuddles your Alternative Baby Shower

I hope you're well and not too worried with all thats happening at the moment. I'm here to share a fabulous idea with you, that'll give you something to focus on and look forward to. Bubbles and Cuddles!

Bubbles and Cuddles...?!
You must be wondering what on earth is that? I did too when I first heard about them, traditionally named Sip and See in the states however I'm not keen on that name so I changed it ;)  This is your alternative baby shower, which you may have been planning and looking forward to. Its said that the Bubbles and Cuddles (Sip and See) comes from mums to be not wanting a baby shower as they can't enjoy a glass of bubbly with their loved ones and best girl friends.

The idea is that in lieu of having a baby shower whilst pregnant the mum to be would wait until baby arrives. Usually planned with their mum, sister or bestie, they would decide a date after the birth where they feel recovered enough to have people over. Mostly they aim for around 3 weeks as they're more mobile after the birth whether natural or a c-section. With this pandemic that is sweeping the country at the moment what better time to plan a Bubbles & Cuddles for yourself.

I've not only complied a handy list to help you prepare but I've designed you some invites too!

The Invite List;

This list will be made up of both your mums, nans, sisters, aunts, nieces, besties and work girls if you wish. Of course the gents can be present too however this could be your other halfs chance to go out and wet the babies head with the lads. Leaving the women to fawn over mum (you!) and baby!
Win, win wouldn't you say?!

Shopping List;

This can be as detailed as you'd like or you can ask people to bring a plate, maybe specifying a certain item for each guest. My shopping list would have the following; bubbles, nibbles, bubbles and cake! I'm a simple girl me and love the picky bits at parties.

The Invite;

I have designed two different invites, in each colour way, that you're welcome to download and share with your family and friends. Whether that be via social media, whats app or good old fashioned snail mail, printing them out and posting. Remember to let your invitees know its a come and go and they're not expected to stay the entire time, most will but sometimes its nice for those that can't to know so they don't feel guilty leaving.
Click each name to view/download the invite of your choice or all if you want;
Blue Flowers, Blue Flowers with Bubbles
Pink Flowers, Pink Flowers with Bubbles
Mint Stars, Pink Stars

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On the day;

As hard as it will be as it's been just you, your partner and baby for a while, relax! Yep, relax as much as you can and have fun! Chat with everyone. Accept help being offered whether thats changing baby, feeding baby (unless exclusive breast feeding of course!),washing up or even folding laundry if you have some around drying!
Don't worry too much about all the cuddles baby is having there's plenty of time for routine and getting back into one of you have one.

Gift List;

Although there may not be anything you need or indeed anything that you'd like. Many do love to bring a gift for a new baby so have a little list prepared should they ask if there's anything you'd like. Gift vouchers towards a photoshoot for your baby, they are the perfect gift as they're the only gift that'll last a lifetime. Simple things like nappies, wet wipes, dummies, milk are things you're going to need for the foreseeable future so are also good things to ask for.

If you would like some help or further ideas to plan your own Bubbles and Cuddles please feel free to pop me an email. I love a party of any kind and love to plan them even more!

If you'd like to connect with other mums to be in the same situation as you at this present time. Please do join the Facebook group I have set up to support mums to be and new mums. You'll find helpful info, places to shop, support, online classes and more. It's a small friendly group with no selling nor advertising.

Stay safe, stay home and try to enjoy this new sense of calm before normality kicks in again!

With Love,


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