Being a newborn photographer is an incredibly rewarding profession. The things I love most about being a newborn in Bromley are baby snuggles! Without a doubt one of the best parts. However my love for newborn photography comes from the ability to freeze that moment in time for parents. To capture your beautiful new bundle of joy and encapsulate that newborn stage that seems to be over in the blink of an eye. But being a newborn photographer does require a unique set of skills for me to be successful. 

From understanding newborn safety concerns to mastering editing techniques, here are some of the skills I’ve had to acquire, learn or perfect to become one of Bromley's leading newborn and baby photographers.

Newborn Safety

It’s vital your newborn photographer understands the importance of safety. This includes being able to pose your baby properly and how to handle delicate newborns to ensure their comfort and safety. Even using props requires knowledge and awareness. Being a newborn photographer isn't for the faint hearted, you need to be alert at all times, with 10+ years experience in newborn photography I'm more than alert to everything during your session.

newborn photographer

People skills

Working with newborns requires a lot of patience and attention.  Add this to the fact I work closely with new parents who might be feeling fragile or emotional - those hormones run wild in the first week or two!  A great newborn photographer is sensitive to this and completely led by baby, if baby needs to stop to feed, cuddle or have a nappy change then that's what we'll do. Only the poses your baby is comfortable in will be done.

Technical Photography Skills

I need to have great technical skills with my camera for sure. But understanding lighting, composition, and exposure are also all vital to be skilled in newborn portraiture. To be sure I'm always doing my best, I do training in lighting every couple of years to refresh and be sure I've not slipped into any habits that aren't positively adding to my work.

Editing skills

In addition to taking great photos, a good newborn photographer should also be skilled in post-processing techniques to enhance and refine the images. This includes the ability to remove temporary blemishes caused by nappies or clothing, correct colours, and retouch photos. Being a great editor won’t make terrible portraits brilliant but it can make brilliant portraits beautiful. Editing is also a skill required when doing composite images, the merging of two or more images together, this is most important when doing poses like 'froggy' {below} or when swapping little peoples heads as they don't all look the same way together very often!

newborn photography, editing skills,

Confidence with newborns

Newborns require a special kind of care and attention, and a good newborn photographer should have confidence and experience with newborns. Being able to keep your newborn comfortable and calm means everybody has a wonderful experience in my studio. It'll be a couple of hours of mostly relaxing for you, unless I need you to be a spotter but then that's still pretty relaxing as you're up close watching.

Creativity and flexibility

This is often the difference between an average newborn photographer and a great one. Great newborn photographers should be able to think creatively and come up with unique ideas for each photoshoot. They should also be flexible and able to adjust to changing circumstances during the shoot, such as a fussy baby or changing lighting conditions. Many new parents worry baby won't sleep, or that they have a bit of reflux or even a touch of colic. None of these phase me, I'll still be able to do your newborn session, we'll work with what baby lets us know is best. All newborn sessions are baby led and I will only do what works with them. 


I take pride in my professionalism. I’m reliable, will always answer your emails and calls. And I’ll deliver your stunning final portraits in a timely manner, digitals are sent via wetransfer upon payment, your beautiful prints and gorgeous art work will then be ordered and you will be able to collect all when they arrive at the studio.

I love being skilled in all of these different areas. They each play their part in allowing me to create beautiful, high-quality portraits of your newborn baby. If you’d like to browse my gallery you can find it here


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