Things to do in Chislehurst with Little Ones

Things to do in Chislehurst with Little Ones, baby, toddler activities, kent, london,

Hmmmm, yes these are our favourite ones! ;)

As much as I love to play with my toddler at home and in our garden, it’s also nice to be out and about. I find going to play sessions is a great way to not only get out the house, but a brilliant opportunity to chat with other parents. Sometimes a quick chat with another mum can make a long day better.

We are lucky to live in beautiful Chislehurst which is very family friendly with lots of activities on every day of the week for you, your baby and toddler. Here are 6 of my favourite groups and classes for babies and toddlers in Chislehurst:


Sing and Sign

There’s nothing more frustrating for babies and toddlers than not being able to express what they need. This is where Sing and Sign steps in. William attended 2 terms and it really helped with him being able to tell me what he needed – particularly food and ‘more’! They are really lovely classes with singing, musical instruments and Jessie cat who your little one with love!


Chislehurst library

The activities at Chislehurst library are free, no need to book just turn up. Perfect for when you never know what each day holds! Check their timetable for days but for 0-4 years they currently offer stay and play, pop in playtime and baby bounce and rhyme.



Lingotot is the place to go to help your child learn another language. They say babies and children are like a sponge taking everything in, so start them young and they’ll be translating for you before you no time ;) I have been attending Spanish lessons with William since he was 5 months with Lingotot. We both enjoy the sessions which are either on a Monday at Chislehurst Methodist Church or Thursday at Ruxley Manor. They currently teach Spanish and French from 0-4.


ABC Club

ABC is a club for children 0-4 and their parents/carers. With lots of activities available from sensory toys, a creative corner, story time and lots of fun toys to play with, it’s bound to be a hit with your baby and toddler. Even better? You get tea or coffee! The ABC Club is at Chislehurst Methodist Church.


Monkey Music

This is a great chance for your baby or toddler to experience music, musical instruments, singing and dance. Monkey Music has been a firm favourite with parents and children for years. With sessions running for children aged 0-4 check their website to find the right class for you and your little one. Monkey Music runs at Chislehurst Methodist Church.


Mummy & Baby Yoga

If you’re looking for mummy and baby yoga in Chislehurst then look no further than the lovely Valerie May who runs classes at Livingstone House. With 2 sessions (babies younger than 20 weeks or babies over 20 weeks) you’ll find the sessions are adapted for both you and baby. A great way to find some calm in a no doubt busy day!

If you would like to get inspiration for ways to play with your child pop on over to my Instagram:

If you would like some ideas for 3 simple sensory plays to do at home take a look at my last post here.

Happy playing, Caroline x


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