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Secondary School... just those two words are enough to fill you with dread! Especially when its your 'little one' getting ready to go. As you know Leah is now 11 & is indeed heading to secondary school in September. I've got to be honest & say I'm not sure I'm ready! My baby is growing up & becoming more mature each day, secondary school is the end of being 'little'. Of course she hasn't been little for a long time but you know what I mean right?!

Not only did she have an extensive list of supplies needed but the uniform, my gosh is a whole new world of shopping. Not only do we have to get it from John Lewis, not terrible but we can only purchase in store at Oxford St. Crazy right?! Well I thought so! We planned an evening to go over try & buy but of course when you plan these things work commitments come up. We instead headed to Bluewater to try on & order in store.

Wow was I unprepared for just how grown up she would look in this new uniform! Most year 7's look like they're still too young of the big grown up uniform. Not Leah, it looked well looks so right on her. Its crazy how a different style uniform can make your baby look so grown up.

Here she is just trying it on in store... she'll hate me one day when she sees this lol.

It looked great on in the store & as I've said {and will keep saying throughout!} so grown up but when it arrived home oh my gosh... Well take a look make your own mind up.

Ridiculously grown up right?! To put the icing & the cherry on the cake she has insisted on having a handbag instead of her usual backpack, she is so a backpack girl! They just suit her so well but I caved & went with handbag to add in with the rest of the grown up'ness going on right now. She also chose a pair of brogues from Clarks as opposed to her usual Kickers, where is my baby?! Where did this young lady come from?!

How are you feeling with the impending first day of secondary school? Are you as nervous as me? I know Leah will be fine, its just the next stage makes me a little sad.

With Love


Ps. This is the bag & the shoes Leah picked out.

Oasis Bag from Asos, secondary school

Oasis Bag from Asos

'Griffin Mabel' Brogue style shoes from Clarks, secondary school

'Griffin Mabel' Brogue style shoes from Clarks


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