Rainy Day Activities

Your summer holiday plans can easily be disrupted when rain stops play - literally.  If you find yourself with ruined plans today and are looking for something to entertain the kids, I’ve got you covered with my Rainy Day Activities.

Here are my definitive lists for things to do on rainy days with kids.

At home with the kids

I know there are not many activities you can do at home on a rainy day that doesn’t involve some kind of mess or cleaning up, but if you’re inventive, you can get the kids involved with that too.

  • Board games

Don’t underestimate how much fun you can have with the humble board game.  Board games also win bonus points for being easy to tidy away! Our favourites are Monopoly, Game of Life and Jenga!

  • Jigsaws

Similarly to board games, we often forget how nice it can be to while away some time with a retro jigsaw.  Leaving it set up means the whole family can take a turn whenever they feel like it.  Don’t underestimate getting the younger family members involved too - jigsaws are great to help them problem solve. Both of our girls loved jigsaws and both started them at young ages!

  • Movie day

Introduce the kids to some of the old classics.  Make a day of it by getting all hands on deck to make cinema tickets and cinema snacks. Or you can print our family movie day collection;

Welcome sign
Popcorn box
Now showing sign
Movie night money
Concessions menu

Movie Night Treats, Dymo Label Maker, Popcorn, Rainbow Drops, Aero Bubbles, Giant Buttons, Rainy Day Activities

  • Baking Day

The joy of Amazon Prime same day food delivery means even if you don’t have all of the items you need in your cupboards to knock up some treats, you can have them at your door within an hour or two. We love to bake cupcake and cookies. Our favourite cookie recipe is by Jane over at Jane's Patisserie - NYC Choc Chip Cookies, yum! 

Rainy Days OUT With the Kids

You still have options when it’s raining, even if the park picnic has to go on hold.  Here are a few ideas:

  • Chislehurst Caves

Chislehurst caves is perfect for a rainy day! Not only is it steeped in history the kids will love, it's educational and a great experience for all. They have a gift shop and a cafe, plus picnic tables for you to bring your own food on dry days.

  • Swimming

There are a few swimming pools to choose from locally. There is the Walnuts in Orpington, White Oaks in Swanley or the Pavillion in Bromley. Each all have different activities and swim sessions, so check their websites for details.  

  • Library

Your local library will also have a variety of activities to suit different ages over the school holidays.  Our local library in Orpington has a summer reading challenge called Gadgeteers.  It’s also a nice change of scenery to sit and read together - you’ll find children often concentrate better outside home.

  • Dress for the weather and head to the park anyway!

As long as you're all wrapped up and have your welly boots on, a walk in a leafy park in the rain can give a whole different dimension to your usual park visit.  It also makes for some brilliant photos [want to see how - download my free guide here]

I hope this article has helped you to find something fun to do today - remember to bookmark this blog so you can refer back to it in the likely event we have a typical British Summer!


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