Planning the Ultimate Sleepover Party

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Planning the Ultimate Sleepover Party would fill most with dread in fact planning any type of kids party does fill most with dread but I truly LOVE them! Yep you read that correctly I love kids parties. My other half always says 'the girls don't need one for every year babe' which is true of course but they love them & so do I so why not I say!
You're probably thinking that must cost a fortune & while it costs it doesn't cost as much as you'd think. As a rather creative & crafty person, that is also a little crazy at times, I'm able to do our parties rather budget friendly. This post is going to share with you what has been our best (according to my daughter) Sleepover Party yet & we have had a few, welcome to our guide for Planning the Ultimate Sleepover Party.
My daughters birthday is in May & she starts planning pretty much after Christmas, changes her mind a fair few times along the way too but this particular year she didn't. She had asked for a sleepover & photoshoot party the following day, so our planning began.
She started by inviting her friends that she knew would take part in every aspect of the party, she knew I wouldn't let any sit in the wings & not take part! I started by enlisting the help of one of my best friends & asking my other half to go fishing for the night! I mean 7 pre-teen girls both of those things had to be done ;)
Leah had chose her theme of glitter festival looks for her photo party so we bought bright pink & gold sparkly invites & added glitter into each envelope for added sparkle. She popped a note into each invite requesting the girls brought along a festival styled outfit, a plain black or white top with jeans for the photo session & of course their pjs for the sleepover.
For the sleepover she wanted to make pizza's, we had just mastered making pizza dough from scratch so she wanted to make them for/with her friends, and have some karaoke fun. We don't own a karaoke but Leah's friend does so she brought it along with her for the night. Other than those two specifics she was open to ideas, being the sleepover queen (lol, yep claiming that!) that I am I got planning with my besties & had some fun up our sleeves ready for the night.
As you can see so far this part has cost nothing, the most cost went into the food & treats. Being a Cake Smash photographer I had all the decorations needed in the studio. So I hit up Tesco for pizza toppings, the Poundshop & Home Bargains for the rest of the things needed. If you're not a fan of sweets at a party then look away now....
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We bought, strawberry laces, squishes, giant strawberries, chocolate buttons, rainbow drops, poppets mint & toffee, rainbow straws (I think thats what they're called!), jelly babies, marshmallows, jazzies, teeth & pringles all of which would have cost around £10/12 if that, that is the beauty of home bargains! All the jars & bowls are just bits from our kitchen or my studio, saving us even more money!
I bought a couple of tubes of glow sticks as I had planned a glow in the dark disco for the girls, these were just £1 a tube in the poundshop & there was enough for each of them to have at least two each.
As you can see the party itself in terms of money was pretty inexpensive.
Prior to her guests arriving Leah put up the blow up bed in the bedroom & got all the pillows & quilts our so it was ready to go. Once the girls had all arrived we got our pizza making under way. Its amazing how much every age loves to create their own pizza, the girls were no exception to that! Whilst the pizza's were cooking the girls done a mass rendition of 'the cup song' which was pretty entertaining especially as I have no rhythm at all & couldn't do it if I tried lol!

After pizza's the girls got into their pjs  plugged in the karaoke & I'm pretty sure made my poor neighbours require earplugs ;) lol. While the girls were entertaining themselves we cleared away the pizza making mess & set up the sweet table. We had a quick sing of happy birthday ( Leah's unicorn cake was made by the amazing Lucianna of Tiers and Teacups) & then we got our games underway.

We split into teams to battle it out Pitch Perfect style, played countless games of charades & the phone version of headbands where we were guessing everything from disney characters to food items! We 'big' girls took a break from the festivities & excused ourselves leaving the girls playing twister. I brought out the glow sticks ready to go nuts in the dark for our glow in the dark disco, the boomerang app was used an awful lot during the glow in the dark disco fun! The girls then moved on to glow in the dark twister which is definitely a challenge with just the light from loads of glow sticks!!
{Can't find glowstick disco pictures!! Will share when I do!}

As the girls moved upstairs to watch movies or tell horror stories we set up the table for a pancake breakfast before our photo shoot. We gifted the girls a mason jar each with their name in glitter, these were just 2 for £1.50 from home bargains so a complete steal! I glittered their names on myself using dishwasher safe modpodge. They were the perfect alternative to a party bag.

Each of the girls went home tired & sparkly (from our shoot) one even lost her voice, I think that is the sign of a good time!
Until next time xoxo.



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