Little Miss D came for her newborn session at our studio in Orpington, Bromley with her mummy & her auntie.

Her mum contacted me via Instagram to book her session, if you don't follow me on Instagram yet then what are you waiting for! Click here for my account ;)
It seems that Instagram is the new place to be & my oh my am I pleased that I am there. Why you may be wondering? I'll tell you why, little Miss D here was an absolute dream! Now her mum may have found me another way & still booked her session but maybe not. Every newborn is different & I genuinely love every single session that I do, hers was no exception.

Mum & auntie arrived & little Miss D was sleeping when they arrived so we started straight away. She only woke briefly for a little milk break & had a tinkle on one of my backdrops. When its only once you know you've had a lucky shooting day ;)

Miss D's mum wasn't much of a prop fan, notice I've said wasn't!, but her auntie desperately wanted to see her beautiful little niece in a prop. She was eyeing up my moon prop, little beds & every other thing on display. There is a fabulous range in my studio due to me being a little bit hoarder like over work items!

Mum decided if she was to have any prop shots at all then she wanted a bucket shot, I can't lie I was super happy as they're my favourite type of prop shot! So we done the rest of the drops mum wanted, she chose some great colours as you can see, then I put together a bucket shot & photographed Miss D in it. I think its probably one of my absolute favourite images in her gallery!

Its been quite some time since I shared more than just a couple of images from a newborn gallery. As we have so much colour here in this beautiful girls gallery I thought I'd share so you can see the variety we can achieve in your own newborn session.

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What do you think of her gallery, do you love girls in green/blue as much as I do?

I often get asked where I get all my little headbands & outfits. They're from newborn prop vendors, the ones used above are from Created By Carli & Ivy & Nell. The little bunny was brought along by mum & is a Jelly Cat bunny.

If you've just had your baby or are currently pregnant & are looking for a newborn session in Bromley, pop me a line I'd love to discuss your session with you!
You can contact me via the form on my website or via email on

See you soon lovelies.

With Love,


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