Newborn Photos 2020

Newborn photos 2020 - are you saying that and thinking to yourself "whah its 2020 already"?! I know I am! Or "oh my gosh I'm having my baby this year"! - I'm not thinking that one lol!!
I've been back in the studio for a month and have had so many baby boys in for their newborn sessions, where are all the girls at?!

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How can you book your newborn photos for 2020...?

Easy peasy actually I have a direct scheduler now making it easier for us all to secure your time and date in our diary!

If you're due in 2020 and want to book in your newborn photos please click here - you just need to select your due date or as close to as you can, then pop me a message when your gorgeous bundle arrives.

However if your gorgeous bundle is already here you can click here and it will take you to our most recent availability. Please choose a date as close to your baby being around 8 -18 days as you can. I take older newborns so if you're unsure feel free to pop me a message and we'll look at dates together.

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When should I book?

Booking whilst pregnant is the perfect time to book your newborn photos, most will book after their 12 or 20 week scans. We have a partnership with BabyVue in Orpington so if you'd like a 3d scan get in touch for the details.
However I do take bookings at any stage, I'm not one that doesn't photograph older newborns. Pre-booking of course guarantees your session.
I book in around 15 newborn sessions a month, many sessions are pre-booked so if your little one has arrived please still get in touch as I can usually fit you in around our early/overdue babies.
Once you're booked in you will receive one of our gorgeous new welcome packs in the post then all that's left to do is let me know when baby arrives!

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When you say older newborns what does that mean?

That means I take on newborn sessions with babies up to around 10 weeks. The session can differ slightly in terms of posing, I tend to wrap older babies a little more as they love the feeling of being swaddled. That being said I've had 8 week olds that I've done a full newborn session posing with. They all differ it just depends on your little one on the day, same with younger newborns too!

If you'd like to book but want to have a chat first thats absolutely fine, you can contact me here and we'll discuss your needs.

See you soon lovelies,
With Love,



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