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Miss R-B Cake Smash and Splash!

This little beauty came along with her mum and dad for her cake smash after lockdown as well ya know, we missed her birthday! However it was absolutely fabulous! She was a delight from beginning to end.

Let me rewind quickly before I share more from her smash. I also photographed Miss R-B for her newborn portraits. Her name is a very special one and we had the rainbow you see a little bit in the image above for her newborn session. Mum asked if we could have a rainbow cake and when she asked that I just knew I had to use the same drop for her smash too.

The theme was simply white....

But as I said above I just knew I had to have the rainbow drop in somewhere and that's when the idea to use the balloons as clouds came to me. Add in a rainbow cake and it was just perfect, simple, white and yet still oh so very true to her.

Adding a playful element to my cake smash shoots is always a must. For this one it was the balloon cloud laced with fairy lights. Bringing in that magical, playful element to compliment such a gorgeous girl. Wanting to do my bit for the world I use balloons made from recyclable materials. I recycle/up-cycle as many items used in my sessions as possible. I try to do this as often as I can, whether it’s re-using them for other shoots (as was the case with these balloons/clouds) or gifting them to clients at the end of their session.

My little one has become quite shy during lockdown...

That's absolutely fine and they're not alone. Miss R-B here wasn't sure at first, so mum sat with her for a bit singing and playing games to help her warm up. I never rush any sessions, everything is always taken at their pace. It's intimidating for adults at times entering new surroundings, it's no different for little ones. As you can see her mummy is a hoot ;)
Thank you Miss R-B and mummy too your cake smash was so much fun!

Are you thinking about a cake smash for your little ones but are unsure?

Here are my top five tips to help you when planning your little ones Cake Smash session.

  1. I know choosing a theme can be difficult. It can really be anything you want it to be and I will do my best to create it for you. Let your imagination run wild. Think about things that are special to you and your little one.
  2. Your theme could be a favourite story book you share, a colour scheme to match your baby’s room or a different room in your home. It could be a favourite food such as ice cream or watermelon or even spaghetti! The possibilities are literally endless.
  3. Not sure if you want to smash a cake? We could smash jelly, splash paint, squish fruit, smoosh cereal, even squeeze doughnuts. Again let your imagination run wild and think about what your baby really enjoys to eat. Whats your style?
  4. Do you have rooms full of wonderful treasures and nick knacks, or is your home spacious and minimalistic? When we’re creating your cake smash set it helps to know this so we can either keep the props to a minimum or go wild and play with all of the treasure in my Aladdins cave of a studio.
  5. Do you currently have any other images displayed in your chosen room? Would you like to co-ordinate your new artwork with your existing frames and pictures? This will then help if we are shooting for a specific piece of artwork you have in mind.
Before your smash

We will always have a pre-session consultation whether that be over the phone or email. We will discuss at length what you'd like your little ones cake smash to be. I have a range of themes I'd love to create myself so if you're truly stuck I'll be more than happy to give you some suggestions and help you find something that's true to your little one.

The earlier you book your little ones cake smash the more time I have to create a set that is exactly what you envision. those booked quite close to the date aren't as easy to be really bespoke with, although it doesn't stop me trying my hardest to create your vision for you no matter what!

You can see more of my bespoke cake smashes here and over on my Instagram too, where I also share behind the scenes and set ups while they're being created. For more information on our cake smashes, the pricing and how to book your little ones click here.

Until next time lovelies.
With Love,

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