Little Miss S was an absolute superstar! Her cake smash was brilliant.
Lets go back a bit first though before I tell you all that and talk about the process. When you book in a cake smash we will discuss a theme, colour scheme or both! We will go over how you want your set to look, if you have a particular place you'd like to hang them that you'd like them to co-ordinate with.

When discussing with mum she said she'd like pink and gold with balloons and liked the idea of a balloon garland. That was the start of my designing process. I decided to stick with a more simple set and having a bigger balloon garland than usual! I also included my trusty fairy lights, heart bowl and ONE letters to complete the set. If you use balloons a lot or like me just don't like blowing them up I fully recommend getting one of these balloon pumps! Getting used to it takes a few and it scares the crap out of me the first couple I do buy oh my gosh its so much quicker!

Pink, Gold, Balloon Garland, Fairy Lights, Heart Bowl, Rose Cake, Pink Cake, Cake Smash, Ashleigh Shea Photography
Here's the finished set, I added some clear balloons with confetti in them to add a bit of sparkle and small clear bubble looking ones to break up the pinks. Her beautiful cake is from Sweet Celebrations by Robyn. We went for a rose design for this set and gold sprinkles on the top to tie it all in. Doesn't it complement it so well!

The start of our cake smashes always start with taking their first portraits of them all clean and looking gorgeous. This is the time when we will also take a couple of family shots too should you want them.
It was a pleasure to capture this gorgeous trio again, the last time I did was at their newborn session gosh that year flew by!

Family, Cake Smash, First Birthday, Balloon Garland, Daughter, Bromley, Ashleigh Shea Photography
Orpington, Ashleigh Shea Photography, Cake Smash, Pink, Gold, One, Balloon Garland,
The first portraits are a great warm up for before we smash too. Some little ones aren't too keen on new people, not little Miss S here we got on great!, so taking a little time at the start to interact with them can make all the difference! Plus we get some beautiful shots, I mean look at her!

The real fun begins when the cake comes out...

Excited, First Birthday, Little Girl, Cake Smash, London, Kent Photographer, Ashleigh Shea Photography
Could she be any more excited?!!!

Squish, Cake Smash, Details, Little Hands, Little Toes, Pink Cake, Petts Wood, Kent, Ashleigh Shea Photography
Yes, the answer is yes! Little Miss S is a girl after my own heart when there's cake involved!!

Cake, Birthday, Bromley, Kent, London, Cake Smash, Ashleigh Shea Photography
Close Up, Pretty Girl, Balloon Garland, Ashleigh Shea Photography, Cake Smash Near Me
Pink Cake, Smash Cake, One, Ashleigh Shea Photography, London, Sidcup
Cake Smash, Balloon Garland, Pink, Gold, White, Ashleigh Shea Photography, Bromley, Kent, Cake Smash Photographer
When you're super proud of yourself!!

Happy, Baby Girl, Toddler, Cake, Cake Smash Photographer, Pink and Gold, Ashleigh Shea Photography, Bromley
I mean I just can't handle the excitement!!! Isn't it infectious!

Splash and Smash, Splash, Little Bath, Ashleigh Shea Photography, Bromley, Kent, First Birthday, Splash
Those little toes!!! Seriously is she not the cutest.

As you can see we had an absolute ball for her smash & splash!

When mum & dad came back to view they chose a frame that matches the one from her newborn session. When mum got the frame she sent me this amazing email after;
" I love the pictures. They look amazing and the frame size is absolutely perfect.
I can't thank you enough, you managed to capture her personality in every picture"
There is truly no higher praise than that of a parent that loves their photographs of their little one <3, thank you so much C it means the world to me that you feel this way.

If you're thinking about having a cake smash drop me a line and we can discuss the details! I love creating sets for these amazing sessions, there's truly nothing better than the gift of memories.

With love,


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