Little Mermaid, Miss Sirena

It's not often I share a babies name however I have asked this gorgeous girls mumma as the meaning is beautiful. Sirena meaning Mermaid in Italian, is the daughter of my wonderful baker Luciana of Tiers and Teacups.

Sirena, Ivy and Nell, Light Blue, Ashleigh Shea Photography, Newborn,
Those that know Luciana know that she is absolutely Disney obsessed, I can't lie I am a little too! ;) (totally sat watching Saving Mr Banks while I work!)
So when she said she was having a girl and could we do a Disney inspired newborn shoot I was over the moon! What we didn't want was anything gaudy or dare I say it tacky, don't hate me! We wanted to create something magical and unique.

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We had a list of princesses that we were inspired by and wanted to create for little Miss Sirena. Throughout Luciana's pregnancy we discussed our ideas at length. We had Cinderella, Ariel, Tiana and Snow White as our main ones we wanted to create. Luciana started collecting pieces that could be used for Sirena's session and we sent each other images and ideas for weeks. The hardest one we had was Tiana, finding things that were symbolic of her were unfortunately not possible in time for her shoot. We did however between us collect what we needed for the other three that Luciana wanted to create.

Newborn Photography, Ashleigh Shea Photography, Baby Blue, Ivy and Nell
We started Sirena's session in a little pale blue romper with a delicate little pearl on the back and lace cuffs, in preparation for her Cinderella images. I knew Luciana wanted images of Sirena with her gorgeous big brother Junior and had brought a pale blue shirt for him to wear so they were matching. We were also going for a Prince Charming and Cinderella inspired image. Pumpkins weren't at our disposal in January so we opted for a heart to be our carriage.

Ashleigh Shea Photography, Prince Charming, Big Brother, Cinderella Inspired, Disney Inspired, Heidi Hope Backdrop, Princess,
Yawn, Cinderella Inspired, Heidi Hope Backdrop, Newborn Session, Ashleigh Shea Photography, Baby Pictures, Ivy and Nell
Siblings, Big Brother, Little Sister, Pink, Blue, Ashleigh Shea Photography, Newborn Pictures, Bromley,
Luciana had also brought with her beads, little blue birds, ribbons and some wooden spools and ribbons for us to create Cinderella together with the pink romper I had a little magic happened.

London Photographer, Cinderella Inspired Newborn Picture, Cinders, Blue Birds, Beads, Pink, Ivy and Nell,
Baby Smiles, Pink, Ivy and Nell, Newborn Session, Ashleigh Shea Photography, Kent, Bromley
You've probably guessed that the little mermaid was going to be appearing and you'd be guessing right! This one I knew had to be special, after all it is also her name! Lucky for us Luciana is a little bit of a hoarder of wonderful little things and I am a cake smash photographer with props coming out of my ears. Between us and our little hoarding of pretty things ways we came together and had the pieces needed to create an image more magical than I could have hoped for!

Little Mermaid, Disney Inspired, Ariel, Shells, Mermaid, Ashleigh Shea Photography, Baby Photos, London
Baby Girl, Newborn Pictures, Ashleigh Shea Photography, Little Mermaid,
Black and White, Mermaid Inspired, Little Mermaid, Ashleigh Shea Photography, BAby Photos, Bromley, Kent
The Little Mermaid, Disney Inspired, Ivy and Nell, Ashleigh Shea Photography, Bromley, Kent, Newborn Photographer
Newborn photographer, Ashleigh Shea Photography, Baby Pictures, Kent, Orpington, Little Mermaid
Just for fun I snuck these adorable kitten ears in too!

Baby Girl, Mint, Lilac, Baby Kitten, Ashleigh Shea Photography, Petts Wood, Kent
Snow White was the easiest to create, she's a wonderfully simple character when you think about it. Lovely yellow romper, little baby bed and flowers, lots of them! Luciana had brought beautiful mirrors along to use for this set up. But they were a bit too big, I can't lie I was gutted! Loved what we did get though.

Snow White Inspired, Newborn Pictures, Baby Girl, Ashleigh Shea Photography, London, Kent,
In amidst our fantasy world I also made sure to get an updated family image of this beautiful family. Luciana has hair to die for doesn't she!!

Family, Love, Siblings, Brother and Sister, Ashleigh Shea Photography, Bromley, Kent,
Mum and Daughter, Mother and Baby, Baby Girl, Newborn Session, Ashleigh Shea Photography, London Newborn Photographer
This is one of my most favourite sessions to date. It was so much fun to get creative and make some fun sets on the fly!

If you could have an 'inspired' newborn session what would you have?! For information on my newborn sessions or to book yours click here.

With love,


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