How to take Spooktacular Halloween Family Photos


Spooktacular Halloween Photos

Hello, my fabulous families!

🎃 Halloween is just around the corner, and it’s the perfect time to get creative with your family photos. Whether you’re a fan of the spooky or the whimsical, Halloween offers endless possibilities for memorable pictures. Taking your own Halloween photos is such a fun family activity but instead of opting for the usual rushed snaps before you go trick or treating this year, why not go all out and try your own Halloween mini shoot!  So, grab a cup of hot chocolate (or a pumpkin spice latte, if you’re so inclined), and let’s delve into how you can take spooktacular Halloween family photos that you’ll treasure for years to come.

Halloween Photo, Ashleigh Shea Photography, Boy standing in Footscray Meadow woods surrounded by green smoke

Choose a theme

First things first, decide on a theme. Are you going for a classic haunted house vibe, or perhaps something more light-hearted like a pumpkin patch? Your theme will guide your costumes, props, and even the location for your photoshoot. Themes like “The Addams Family,” “Harry Potter,” or even “Superhero Spookfest” can add a fun twist to your Halloween photos.

Pick the perfect costumes

Once you’ve got your theme sorted, it’s time to think about costumes. Remember, comfort is key, especially for the little ones. You want everyone to be happy during the shoot, as a grumpy goblin or witch won’t make for good photos! Consider costumes that are easy to move in and not too hot or itchy.

Set the scene

Location, location, location! If you’re going for an outdoor shoot, scout locations that fit your theme. A foggy field can add a mysterious touch, while a well-lit pumpkin patch can keep things cheerful. If you’re shooting indoors, think about props and backdrops that can enhance your theme. Cobwebs, cauldrons, and even dry ice can add that extra spook factor.  You can always combine a visit to a pumpkin patch or going to a Halloween party with your DIY shoot so you don’t need to put in too much effort to get everyone to the location you choose!

halloween photos, ashleigh shea photography, two girls on burnt out car surrounded by purple smoke

Lighting is key

Good lighting can make or break your photos. For a moody, haunted look, consider shooting during the “golden hour”—just before sunset. The soft, diffused light will add a magical touch to your photos. If you’re shooting indoors, string lights or even a well-placed lantern can create the perfect eerie atmosphere.

Get creative with your angles and composition

Don’t just stick to the standard poses; Halloween is the time to get creative! Why not have someone “fly” on a broomstick, or capture the kids mid-jump for a “floating ghost” effect? Play around with angles and composition to make the photos as dynamic as possible.  This also makes it super fun for your kids so you’ll get tons of genuine smiles and laughter!

Capture candid moments

Posed photos are great, but candid shots often capture the true spirit of Halloween. Snap pictures of your kids carving pumpkins, or get a shot of the whole family laughing at a corny Halloween joke. These unplanned moments often make the most cherished memories.  Remember to have your phone at the ready when you’re trick or treating or at any Halloween activities you attend.  Costumes and treats always make for high spirits and lots of photo opportunities!

Halloween Photo, Ashleigh Shea Photography, Man and woman surrounded by white smoke holding spell books

Safety first

Last but not least, always prioritise safety. Make sure your chosen location is secure and that any props you use are child-friendly. Keep an eye out for tripping hazards, especially with flowing costumes or in dim lighting.


There you have it—your guide to taking spooktacular Halloween family photos. With a bit of planning and a sprinkle of creativity, you can create Halloween memories that will last a lifetime. So get out there, have fun, and don’t forget to say “Boo!” 🎃👻  I’d love to see the pictures you take – if you add them on social media, please tag me! [you can add your social links or tags here]

Happy Halloween and happy snapping! 📸


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