How to Make Rainbow Rice


How to make Rainbow Rice for baby and toddler play activities -

For your Rainbow Rice you will need - Rice, Vinegar, Food Colouring & Zip Lock Bags

how to make rainbow rice, zip lock bags, food coloring


In a zip lock bag add 1 cup of rice (roughly 130g), 1 teaspoon of vinegar and a few drops of food colouring. Give the bag a good mix up so all the rice is coated and give it a few mins to soak.



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Then lay the rice on baking paper that’s on a baking sheet. If you like you can put into a warm oven (not on) to help it dry quicker, otherwise leave a few hours until dry and you will have pretty rainbow rice to play with!




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I started off by putting it neatly in a cake tin so it looked pretty even though I knew it would get mixed up straight away!




Rainbow rice is fantastic for so many play activities for babies and toddlers. Here’s just a few things you can do with it…

Rainbow Rice Play Ideas:

  • Shaker - Add rice to a bottle to make a shaker, perfect for a baby to make their own music.
  • Sensory bag - Pop rainbow rice into a zip lock bag so baby can have a safe way to explore it.
  • Sensory bin - Add rice to a bowl or plastic box, provide scoops and containers (you’ll have plenty in your recycling box) and let them have fun scooping and pouring.
  • Hide and Seek – Add rice to a bowl or plastic box and hide some of your child’s toys such as foam letters, cars, or toy figures and watch them have fun finding them.
  • Small world play – Add animals, dinosaurs, cars or people figures to your rice to introduce them to small world play and watch how they use their imagination.

Even better, 1 batch can last months, it’s cheap, quick and easy! All you need is a bag of rice, food colouring, zip lock bags and white vinegar.

rainbow rice play, toddler play, at home fun with little ones


Rainbow rice can provide hours of fun. My little one William loves to simply pour it in and out of different containers making different noises. Yes, they will probably throw a handful here and there so do make sure you have a dustpan and brush nearby ;)



Happy playing, Caroline x

For more baby and toddler play activities visit the Play Project


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