Help To Keep Your Newborn Cool in The Hot Summer

With this amazingly hot weather & having trouble keeping myself cool I thought I'd do a quick post on the top tips shared by those in my VIP group, from the NHS site & of course from my own experience.

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1. Keeping Baby Cool Outdoors - 
As we all know babies shouldn't be in direct sunlight so shade is paramount at all times when its as hot was it is, if your going for a stroll or shopping don't forget babies hat & your parasol/sunshade for the buggy. Remember that placing a blanket over to block the shade also blocks the airflow & can be very dangerous to baby so avoid that at all costs.

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2. Keeping Baby Cool Indoors -
When indoors keep curtains & blinds closed especially in the room where baby sleeps so its at a nice temperature for them when they go down for naps or to bed. Babies tend to sleep well when the temperature is between 16-20c. Sleeping in just a vest or a baby grow with no vest also helps.
A litre or more of iced water could help to keep their room cool as it melts during the night.
If you're using a fan place bowls or bottles of ice water in front of it to help cool the air that circulates around the room.

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3. Have a Little Paddling Fun -
A paddling pool is great for keeping little ones cool, just yesterday I saw that one of my clients had popped her little ones bath support into the paddling pool & had her lying on that to help her keep cool in the heat, such a good idea!

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4. Bath Before Bed -
Give babies a luke warm bath before bed to help cool them down ready for bedtime. If you have a loft opening the hatch will help disperse some heat.

newborn, summer, cool, blue, ashleigh shea photography, baby boy

5. Stay Hydrated -
Breastfed babies stay hydrated with breastmilk as your milk is perfect combination of milk & water, they may feed more often but its all good as its more cuddles ;) There is mixed reviews on giving cool boiled water to little ones under 6 months but with it this hot defiantly consult your health visitor.

newborn, summer, cool, lilac, ashleigh shea photography, baby girl

If you have any top tips we haven't mentioned please feel free to add them in the comments so that others can see!

I shared a couple of weeks ago top tips for expectant mummy's to keep cool heres the link to that if your expecting & would like some tips to help you survive ;)

Sending you cool vibes lovelies!!

With Love



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