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You've found out the sex of your baby and want to let your loved ones know in a unique way.
Here you will find some the best Gender Reveal Ideas I've seen.

1. Balloons In a Box - I think this is one of the most popular ones I've seen. This was the 'trend' when they all started but I must say its still a firm favourite for me! This can be done a few ways; opened from the floor with helium balloons flying out, strung up with a string hanging to pull the box open for balloons to fall or pinata style!
For this you'll need; a box, a sign reading 'its a', coloured balloons & confetti.

2. Fireworks - This is I think a newer way to share your wonderful news. It's perfect for those that love a get together and a little firework show! After dinner, drinks - mock for mum to be ;) , you all gather outside ready for the big reveal!

3. Confetti Balloon - These are great! A big black balloon filled with confetti which you quite simply POP!
You can get these at Party Pieces.

4. Smoke Bomb/Cannon - I've seen these used mostly during maternity photo sessions {I'd love to do a gender reveal session pop me an email if you choose this one!}. They make for some pretty epic pictures too!
You can buy these here.

5. Painted Hands - This is a fabulous one to do when you have children. Mum wears a white tee and you paint the hands of dad and child/ren and they all place a hand on mums tummy and lift at the same time. You could also do your own twist with a black t-shirt and neon paints!

7. Confetti Cannons - Its no secret I love a bit of confetti and glitter! These cannons are perfect for gender reveals. You can get them here.

8. In a Cake - This is I think my favourite way I've seen, nothing to do with how much I love cake! ;) There are so many gender reveal cake options, coloured sponge or buttercream, filled with coloured sprinkles or in the cupcake variety!

Have you got any other gender reveal ideas you can share that aren't on our list?!
If you had your own gender reveal please share your photos with us!

With love,


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