Family Movie Night!

We love a family movie night, especially me and Freya. So when I saw a post from fellow photographer Nina about this fabulous Movie Package that Scott Cinemas were doing I knew I had to take a look.

This deal is brilliant and for the price well worth getting even if you're not a movie night lover like us! Not only is the price ace but they're also donating £2 for every package sold to the heros that are the NHS.
I had already ordered a new Dymo label maker for making up bits for the girls. I think at this point Leah just goes along but Freya still loves all the "kiddie" bits I do which is great because so do I, lol! So along with my new trusty label maker I had decided to make cinema tickets, treat bags, the lot and make a proper fun night of it as the delivery stated around 6 days. To my surprise there was a knock on the door tonight and it was here!! AMAZINGLY fast delivery, I only ordered on Monday evening!

My plans were screwed as I hadn't made the tickets, nor opened it all up and had it set out to surprise the girls with. I had however been to Tesco last night and made the girls movie night treat bags for this evening anyway as I was itching to use my Dymo label maker!!

These are tonights treat bags;

Movie Night Treats, Dymo Label Maker, Popcorn, Rainbow Drops, Aero Bubbles, Giant Buttons

The Movie Package...

Back to the point of my post, the movie package.
I won't lie I got rather excited opening the box, its pretty bloody big. Freya I'm pleased to say got as excited as I did, the other two not so much (boring pair ;) ).

With it arriving much sooner than I expected and me not being ready that didn't mean that we still couldn't have a little fun to share this amazing deal with you all though ;)

Presenting our epic Family Movie Night bundle is your movie attendant for the evening Miss Freya . . .

Movie Package, Scotts Cinema, Family Movie Night, Ashleigh Shea Photography

Here you have it the Movie Package from Scott Cinemas, for just £26 (£20 plus £6 delivery) you will receive;
2.2kg of Sweet Cinema Popcorn
(plus storage bag to keep it fresh)
2x 800g bags of Nachos
Dips for your nachos, we have 2x Sour Cream, 2x Cheese, 1x Hot & Spicy & 1x Guacamole
Crunchy BBQ Crisps
30g tub of Candy Floss
A lovely Movie Themed popcorn tin with my absolute fave Marylin Monroe on!
Plus cardboard nacho, popcorn and crisp boxes.

Movie Night, Scott Cinemas, Family Movie Night, Nachos, Popcorn, Candy Floss, Crisps, Ashleigh Shea Photography

When Freya's up for it she's so much fun to take pictures with, here's some of the others we took.

Movie Night, Popcorn, Movie Attendant, Scott Cinemas, Movie PAckage, Ashleigh Shea Photography

Not forgetting my attempt at adding her to a cinema for her to be a 'proper movie attendant' - please feel free to laugh at this attempt I most definitely did, but she likes it so its all good.

Scott Cinemas, Movie Package, Family Night In, Ashleigh Shea Photography, Family, Lockdown

If you decide to get your family a Movie Package from Scott Cinemas be sure to share your image/videos of you all opening it, we'd love to see!
You can tag us on Fb or Instagram @AshleighSheaPhotography or use the #AshleighSheaPhotography

Have a great weekend all.

With love,




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