Hi all, in this post we have a cupcake party, birthday talk, park talk & a bit of bounce too!!

I hope your well?! How amazing has our weather been lately...... I know total crap!! Gosh I wish it would decide if its going to stay hot or be cold just so I'm not stripping off or layering up throughout the day ;)

This is my third instalment of 'Our Last Summer' & we have done quite a bit since my last update.

Leah {very upsetting for me} turned 11, her birthday 'celebrations' managed to stretch out from Thursday to Sunday! Diva I know ;)

minion, 11, girl, cake, happy, smile

Phone snap of my birthday girl <3

We got her the one thing she has desperatly wanted for the past two years, a mobile. I'm still not sure I like her having one but times change & secondary school looms so did we. She was ecstatic with her new phone & actually thought we had wrapped up a fake, lol!! It's an iPhone 5C which had a screen cover on that has pictures of the apps, she didn't believe it was real because she couldn't get it off! We're really not that mean but did laugh!

iPhone, 11, girl, cake, happy, smile, zipcard

Phone snaps of a very surprised & happy girl, yes that a ZipCard bottom left! Leah desperately wanted one of those too!

For her actual party we had the pleasure of going to Tiers & Teacups for a cake decorating party. Luciana bakes my Cake Smash cakes {more info on those here} & when I was telling her about how much Leah has been baking we came together for a Cupcake Decorating Party. Let me tell you the girls had a blast! Leah chose Instagram as her theme so Luciana had pre-cut yellow circles ready for them to create their favourite emojis & also made them biscuits in the style of an insta post with their pictures. It was brilliant. If you have a girl or boy around age 8 that likes baking & are stuck for a party idea definitely drop her a line!

Cupcake Party, Birthday, Tiers and Teacups, Ashleigh Shea Photography,

Cupcake Party, Birthday, Tiers and Teacups, Ashleigh Shea Photography,

Cupcake Party, Birthday, Tiers and Teacups, Ashleigh Shea Photography,

Since Leah's party we've also been to the park with the twins where we were followed {chased in the kids opinions!} by the geese & goslings - or if your Leah the geeselings!? Honestly, lol! We've been shopping, more than once(!) to spend her birthday money but I think the most fun recently was going to the trampoline park, Gravity in Maidstone. We had a blast! I got caught & told off for taking pictures on my phone after only 5 minutes of being there.... whoops ;) The kids loved it too they were attempting flips, seat drops, bouncing off walls, diving into the foam. I just jumped & threw in a seat drop here & there. If you've not been to one of the bounce parks then definitely go! They're crazy loud like a ball pit but are fun, we're doing an adult trip next time!!

Until next time :)

With Love Ash.x


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