Last week Freya and I went to a chocolate making workshop at Truly Chocolicious.
I had originally booked it for Leah and Freya but Leah decided that she didn't want to do it so I took part instead. We had so much fun, admittedly Leah would have been the oldest there so may not have enjoyed it as much. She would however have enjoyed the activities, so hopefully soon there'll be a workshop for teenagers.

Gymnast, Day Out, Mummy and Daughter Day, Sidcup, Chocolate Making, Ashleigh Shea Photography
We started with washing our hands and Freya getting her apron from Gemma, the owner.

Apron, Chocolate Making, Sidcup, Ashleigh Shea Photography, Kids Summer Activity
The workshop started with us filling our chocolate moulds. There was milk and white chocolate in squeezy bottles, we used these to fill our moulds. Gemma showed Freya and myself how to make a simple circle pattern.

Chocolate Making, White Chocolate, Square Mould, Truly Chocolicious, Ashleigh Shea Photography, Sidcup
We then continued to fill our squares with our own patterns. Once filled we added in some of the sweets that were supplied and our chocolate went into the fridge to chill.

Make your own chocolate, Chocolate Making, Milk Chocolate, White Chocolate, Ashleigh Shea Photography
Summer fun, mum and daughter day, chocolate making, sidcup, truly chocolicious, ashleigh shea photography
The children had a juice break and washed their hands if needed. Next we made giant chocolate fab lollies. Gemma handed out trays covered with baking paper with a lolly outline and a large lolly stick. She demonstrated what we had to do to start our lolly. We were to follow the lines using a good amount of chocolate so that it wouldn't snap when lifted once dried.

Chocolate Fab Lolly, Sprinkles, Fizzy Strips, Chocolate Making, Sidcup, Ashleigh Shea Photography
We done our outlines then filled in each section with the chocolate of our choice. Freya done white chocolate at the bottom and added fizzy strips. Her middle layer was milk chocolate with sprinkles, for her top layer she alternated the chocolate making a stripe pattern.

Chocolate Fab Lolly, Sprinkles, White Chocolate, Milk Chocolate, Kids Workshop
The final chocolate making activity was making our own chocolate covered marshmallows and strawberries. Gemma provided each of us with a plate and dipping fork plus sprinkles.

Strawberries, Marshmallows, Chocolate Dipping, Fork, Pink Plate, Rainbow Mat, Sidcup, Truly Chocolicious
Freya chose to just dip her marshmallows and strawberries in milk chocolate.

Fun day, summer chocolate making workshop, marshmallow dipping, strawberry, Ashleigh Shea Photography
Marshmallow dipping, Strawberries, Milk Chocolate, Sprinkles, Dipping Chocolate, Ashleigh Shea Photography, Sidcup
Chocolate Covered Marshmallow, Chocolate Covered Strawberries, Melted Chocolate, Ashleigh Shea Photography, Truly Chocolicious, Chocolate Making
Once mine were dipped I drizzled a little white chocolate over them.

Chocolate Strawberries, Chocolate Marshmallows, Pink Plate, Chocolate Workshop,
Chocolate Covered Strawberries and Marshmallows, Sidcup, Chocolate Making
These too were placed in the fridge, whilst waiting the kids played a chocolate game.
We decorated bags for the treats to go into. We were given clear bags for our chocolate squares and a sticker to seal it.

Handmade Chocolate, Its Me Freya Today, Chocolate Treats, Chocolate Making
Activities for Girls, Summer workshop, Chocolate, Handmade,
Chocolate Making, Things to do with the kids, Summer activity
These were my ones ;)

Handmade Chocolate
We moved over to the counter where Gemma was wrapping up the strawberries and marshmallows. These looked ace, she popped them into a little flower pot then wrapped them in cellophane.

She then popped the lollies into a bag and sealed them.

Chocolate Lolly, Fab Lolly, Mother and Daughter day, Chocolate Making, Chocolate Workshop
We bagged up all of our treats into our bags we decorated.

Chocolate making, Summer fun for kids
Mummy and daughter day, chocolate making
If you have children aged between 5 - 10 definitely take a look and see if you can book in. There was a little boy there too who loved it as much as the girls. Freya has asked to go again so we're going to see if we can do one of Gemma's drop in classes.

This year we're documenting all of the activities we do so be sure to take a look through our blog for more ideas of things to do!

With love


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