Big C, the Journey


Hair today, gone tomorrow

Firstly let me say thank you all for your amazing messages of support they're much appreciated.

If you've seen my page you will know that this week mum lost her hair but what you don't know is how funny she found it, yes you read that right she laughed & laughed.

It started while we were on the phone she said her head had been itching all day then gave a sudden 'oh my god! I've got a big bald patch' then she started really laughing while saying 'oh wow, oh my gosh' so immediately I facetimed her & I wish I could say I said it's not that bad but I didn't I laughed too! She had about an inch gap just to the side of her parting that was completely missing. I'm so pleased she found it funny as the way it looked I think I'd have laughed now matter what!

we hung up with mum saying she might be over that evening for me to wash it for her so she didn't have to do it on her own . I hadn't heard from her so gave her a ring & she answered in laughing so hard! So again I immediately facetimed her & wow did she look a treat, she had just a skimming or comb over as she called it of long hair which I'm guessing your prob thinking isn't funny at all but you need to know my mum to understand why it was so funny. She was combing it this way & that doing different styles if you will all the time laughing at how silly it looked. Her hair had come away as soon as she lifted her hair band to untie it, in her words she looked like a character from the grinch!

After a good long laughter & rather p*^s taking phone call we hung up saying hopefully it'll all fall out by the morning but as things do when you want them to happen well it didn't! She still had her funky comb over so I went over & we popped to the hairdressers to shave off the last strands with absolutely no apprehension what so ever.

I think it totally suits her & wonder why she didn't do it sooner ;) only joking! She has been totally blessed in looking amazing bald though & I think you'll agree!

Big C, the Journey

Big C, the Journey

Monday sees us back at the hospital for round two of chemo so I'll see you again soon.

With Love Ash.x


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