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November 9th, Chemo Day

Today was mums first chemo day, I was feeling apprehensive not because of it starting more because I wasn't sure how they done it all, how much she'd have etc. We had an early start & were pretty much first in at 9am. It looked like the day was going to be smooth & quick but as always that wasn't to be so. We had a chat through with the nurse on all the side effects & what can & can't be eaten - pretty much the same sort of diet as when your pregnant which was a surprise, not that I'd really thought about what mum could & couldn't eat! Mum also got a headscarf designed for the Kings Breast Cancer patients by Stella McCartney, its really lovely, was hoping she get two so I could share but she had to choose between them :( Lol! She went on to say that mums file was with the pharmacist & she'd check up on it so we could get her started when the pharmacist arrived & said she needed to check mums height as it had been put down as 4" 5', as I'm sure you can imagine (especially if you know us!) me & mum dissolved into convulsions of laughter which got worse when she told my brother & he called her a hobbit, then we got midget Mel form one of her friends & well lets just say the laughter continued ;)

We had a long ol' wait due to the delay but when it started my gosh is there a lot! She is on 3 different meds for it & they take about an hour & a half to go through done via 12 different syringes! Crazy right!!!? We still had a laugh while mum was sitting waiting for the meds to run through, I think the only people you could hear was us but at least we were laughing! Before the treatment was given mum was asked if she wanted to do the cold cap that helps reduce hair loss, she didn't want to but the entire time she was sat having her meds I was desperate to try on the cold cap hat/helmet, not sure what it would be called! Yep I'm pretty sure its a dot on the cards to say we tried it on & caused even more laughter!! Check us out, hot or what!!


I think the first round went really well & mum was ok in fact she was great & felt fine, tiredness came later in the evening as well as some aching in her arm, which was to be expected, on the whole though it was a good first round.

With Love Ash.x


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