Big C, The Journey | Finished at last…. well almost!

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It's been a while since I've managed to get on and post anything to my blog & I've just seen how many I've saved as I'm partway through writing them!! So again I promise myself to keep on top of it & post when I start writing as opposed to saving midway! So with that in mind let me update you on my mums journey.

Mum has had her very last round of chemo I forgot to make her a sign so knocked one up whilst we were waiting, its fabulous ;) lol!! As always we created the most noise there possible, made funnier by the fact that my little brother is a serious git that doesn't find us comical at all!! Mum was worried she had a cold coming  so asked for a mask so as not to infect anyone & well her attempting to put t on was as hilarious as she looked when she finally got it on!!



**/\ h i l a r i o u s /\**

The last round was just the same as the two before but caused more aches & pains than the previous two times & also caused some nausea too so as you can imagine she had another two weeks of agony. The side effects have almost completely worn off now which is great, she's still suffering from tiredness though, just walking up the stairs requires a break once she reaches the top/bottom so her road to full health is still going.

Mum started her radio therapy over at St Thomas' yesterday & that went really well, I wasn't able to be there for that as the time wasn't suitable what with the school run so she went alone but said that it was absolutely fine. It doesn't take long at all so although support is welcomed always its not as necessary with the radio as it was with the chemo, at least thats how it seems after this first round, who knows it could get worse as many have said they didn't have a good time with the radio so only time will tell.

I've tried to run the Race for Life each year but so far it has worked out every other year but I most definitely will be running this year, not only for mum but for my brave friend Rose who is also going through treatment at the moment & last but not least for my lovely friend I went to school with who sadly lost her battle to cancer last year, I know charities are always asking for money & theres always someone to sponsor but I would very much appreciate if you would sponsor me when I register as even a little can help to make a change. All of us have or know at least one person that has had, beat or unfortunately left due to cancer so lets rally together & raise as much as we can to help prevent this dreadful disease!

I'm thinking about holding a 'high tea' event too, if you would be interested in that do let me know as if the numbers are good then it will be well worth doing, as I said this is just an idea its not a solid plan like running race for life is.

Thanks for reading!

With Love Ash.x


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