Hello everyone!

I thought I'd share a little 'Behind the Camera' post as so far I have only blogged about work. While that is the main focus of this blog both me & my business are so much more than just that. In fact I am just like you.... Well some of you as we can't all be the same that would be boring ;)

Let me start by saying 'Hi { picture smiling face here :) } I'm Ashleigh owner, photographer & the face behind Ashleigh Shea Photography.' For those of you that don't know I am first & foremost a mum to my two beautiful girls who are my light, my reason, my whole heart & of course a lot of the time my muses.  Those of you that have already had a session with me may have met them both or one of them as they come to work with me on occasion, Leah is fantastic at getting the little ones to laugh & Freya loves the newborns she likes to sit & wacth & deems each& everyone as cute :)

These two little madams of mine both do dance with K2K Stars so you may at some point see acouple of dance mum posts as Leah is now starting to do auditions with her squad. I want my blog to be not just my business but me too so expect to see more personal stuff from time to time.

The reason I became a photographer is simple - I love capturing memories. These can be big memories like your Wedding day, new bundle of joy, a first birthday but I also like the little things actually scratch that I love the little things. I love the little welly boots kids wear in the puddles (or the summer if your Freya!) I love capturing those secret giggles that are for mummy or daddy when you swing up your littles for a hug, I love the shy smiles from those that aren't quite teens but aren't quite littles any more & I adore the silliness between siblings, there's something about your kids laughing together that's magical. If there's a memory to be captured I want to capture it after all photos are memories we hold in our hands & the best part about photographs is that they can be passed down along with the stories to accompany them.

The reason I went into the business of photography (yep they're totally different things!) is because I want to capture these memories for you & your families, I want to provide you with photographs that are talked about & laughed over for generations to come. I hope for you to hang them on your walls proudly for all to see, for your children to marvel at the fact that that's them up there as they grow. That they'll tell their friends & someday their children about those photographs whether that be from their own memories of that time or from the stories you told them about that day.

I take pride in what I do. I love what I do & am so lucky to do it every day, how many people can say they actually love their job? Not too many I don't think. Sure it's been hard starting up my own business & learning all the business stuff that comes with it but I have the most amazing clients ever, honestly I really do. They cherish their memories as much as I do, they want to proudly hang their wedding, newborn & family pictures on the walls of their homes for all to see. See I told you they totally rock!! I love each & every little, middle sized or big person I work with & will always strive to meet all of your needs for your session.

If your looking for a photographer that turns up & just gives you a disc of images then I'm afraid it's not me. When you book in with us you get a personal service, we'll discuss what you want for you home, what sort of style you'd like & any other help you may need. I'll talk through wardrobe choices with you if you need help, I'll scout locations for you if you need inspiration for an outdoor session, we'll discuss colours & props for your newborn session, bounce ideas around for a theme/colour scheme for your cake smash. I'll be there to carry your wedding dress should you need help, I'll even zip up your bridesmaids. All you need to do is tell me what you want & I'll try my hardest to provide it.

After your session we will schedule in a viewing appointment for you to come back & to view & order the images that you love. I'll help you to decide what will look best in your living room, bedroom or even your toilet. I'll help with whether canvas or prints for frames or even a wall gallery of multiple images is best for you & your home.

If I sound like the kind of photographer that you would like to capture your images then please contactme@ashleighsheaphotography.co.uk I look forward to hearing from you.

With love.


Image credit Lauz Photography

Image credit Lauz Photography


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