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I've been meaning to share with you all for some time now that I am a member of BANPAS. They're are an organisation that recognises safety in newborn photography.If you click through to their website you can use it to find out more details of the organisation plus (& this is a big plus!) where to find qualified newborn photographers in your area!

Now you may ask why does my photographer need to be qualified & who says they're qualified? Both excellent questions so lets start with;

Why you should book with a qualified newborn photographer.

Now when we say qualified we don't mean has certificates from a college saying they are skilled in photography, in fact far from it. To be qualified in newborn photography you need to undertake newborn training with a photographer that is also trained in the art of newborns, you wouldn't take your baby to an unqualified doctor so why would you visit an unqualified photographer?
You don't have to look via BANPAS for a qualified photographer either plus not all will be a part of the association but theres nothing wrong with asking them if they have had the relevant training in order for them to take images of your precious newborn in a safe & careful way.
Those that have had training will take the shots of your baby in the head in hands pose, in a bucket, on a chair, etc. with a spotter holding the baby or close to baby & will put the series of images together in a composite in photoshop so that it appears that baby is alone.

Who says they're qualified newborn photographers?

As I said previously we don't get certificates to say we are qualified newborn photographers but if your photographer is serious about their newborn photography then they would have undergone training with some of the best newborn photographers around who have been shooting newborns safety & successfully for many years. As its not possible to regulate the world of newborn photography, its down to photographers to seek out training suitable for their needs & of course for parents to look for photographers that have undergone said training.
Ask your photographer when booking are you skilled at composite images? Even if you don't like that style its good to know. Are you trained in newborn photography? These are questions that you have every right to ask & should ask too.

Have you undertaken training in Newborn Photography?

In answer to the above I myself have done training both last year & this year with two different newborn photography trainers last year with Karen Wiltshire of KW Photography in Poole & this year with Cass Davies of Cass Davies Photography in Cheshire. For my training with Cass I asked that she come to my studio so I could update my newborn posing skill set & get some guidance in using my space to its full advantage, which I'm very pleased to say she helped me with in a big way.

Training with Karen

Banpas Member Newborn photography safety
Banpas Member Newborn photography safety
Banpas Member Newborn photography safety
Training with Cass
{Pictures taken by client}
Banpas Member Newborn photography safety
Banpas Member Newborn photography safety
Banpas Member Newborn photography safety
So with all that in mind I wish you luck finding your newborn photographer or if your local to me I look forward to seeing you soon ;)
With love Ash.x


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  1. Eric

    It’s interesting to see the behind the scene!


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