7 Top Parks for Summer Fun in Kent

So the sun is shining and its time for some summer fun before it hides again! I have looked into the best parks for you & your little & big kids to spend the day without going too far out of Kent! Want to know more? Read on...
First up we have our personal favourite Swanley Park

We have spent many springs/summers as a family chilling out at Swanley Park all day! If it's a hot day you will need to arrive early as it gets very busy very quickly. When going for the day you want to get a good spot so you can see the kids from most anywhere!
If you haven't been to Swanley Park yet then you must. It has an amazing paddling pool, swing park, pedal boats and more! In fact below is not only the maps but the prices for everything too as shown on their website.
Swanley Park Map, Ashleigh Shea Photography

Swanley Park, Ashleigh Shea Photography Swanley Park, Ashleigh Shea Photography

Next up we have
Shorne Country Park

This isn't one we have personally visited but is one on our list for this year. When asking for recommendations this park is always up there near the top. The have the wooden adventure climbing frames, a play park, a cafe that has excellent reviews and do scavenger hunts for the kids. There is a small fee for parking £2/3 I believe but it's said to be an amazing day out for the kids.

Kelsey Park - another of our favourites!

This is an absolute must. It's a stunning park. Has a big playground with something for all ages to go on, a cafe, Punch & Judy shows, bouncy castle {£1 for 7 mins the last time we visited}, mini golf, tennis courts & ducks... loads of ducks! If you take a bag of monkey nuts you'll be able to feed the squirrels from your hand, not something I do but my girls love to feed them.
There's also an amazing bakery on the corner before you go in if entering from the Chinese roundabout, the Sponge Kitchen, if you love cake as I do its well worth a visit!

If you'd prefer somewhere with animal then you'll want Mudchute Farm

We've not personally been here neither but again the reviews from friends that have are nothing but good. This May half term they have;
Chick & Duck handling for just £1pp that all goes towards the parks charity
Donkey rides that are £2pp & again all proceeds go to the parks charity.
For days & more detailed information on whats on please refer to their website.

If the weather holds next week I think we'll be making our first visit as I know Freya would love to hold the baby chicks & ducks!

Footscray Meadows aka. Five Arches - this is another love of ours

This is a great take a picnic, grab a net & swim shoes park. They have an amazing stream that runs through which is gentle & shallow enough for the kids to play & splash about in or do some pond dipping. They also have a great play park with a huge swing that provides entertainment for all. As well as an outdoor exercise area.
We have been to this park multiple times now & have played in the stream for hours & on chillier days just gone to the swing park. Its also a great place to walk your dogs, you'll see loads of dog walkers throughout your time there.

Footscray Meadows, Five Arches, Ashleigh Shea Photography

Jeskyns Park

Like Shorne Country park, Jeskyns is a wooded outdoor area. It boast a lovely fairy and elves area, an adventure play area, horse riding, a Zog trail {from the writers of the Gruffalo}, picnic areas, a cafe & much more! If you're kids are the run around & love nature kind then this is the park for you!

Finally we have Danson Park

Danson park is a great day out, its a place packed with things to do! Not only do they have the play ground but also a splash park which is filled with water jets, that are so much fun for the kids! They also boast a fishing/boating lake, Danson House itself, football pitch, picnic area, cafe & more!

If you have any of your own park recommendations then please do let us know by commenting below!!

Until next time lovelies!

With Love,


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