3 Sensory Play Activities for Toddlers

Today I’m going to share with you 3 sensory play activities for toddlers that will (hopefully) keep them engaged, happy and give you the chance to have a hot cup of tea!

It’s amazing how a day with a toddler can feel like you’ve liked a whole week in 1 day! If your toddler is anything like mine, they have tons of energy, are always on the go and move from 1 activity to the next in record time.

Jelly Hunt

This is a great activity because it is taste friendly, if they put it in their mouth? No problem! I used 2 packs of jelly from the supermarket, washed William’s ‘In The Night Garden’ figures and popped them in the jelly before letting it set in the fridge. William’s task was to save his figures and have fun squishing the jelly between his fingers. This a cheap, fun, easy sensory play activity for your little one where they can have fun exploring the texture (and taste!) of jelly.

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Ice Play

Pop pom poms in an ice cube tray, fill with water, freeze and you have the quickest sensory play activity ever! These look so pretty and are great fun for your toddler to explore – holding them, seeing how slippery they can be, using scoops or their hands to move them. William loves to scoop so I presented the ice cubes to him in a bowl with a few scoops and containers, bowls from your kitchen will do just fine.

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Water Beads

Water beads are like magic. They are super tiny little beads, but pop them in water and watch them grow. These are fantastic for sensory play activities as they feel amazing. You can use them in so many different ways. As it was William’s 1st time playing with them, I kept it simple with a range of scoops (measuring spoons) and containers for him. His personal favourites are a washing softer bottle and a milk cartoon! I raid my recycling bin weekly for something new for him to play with.

If you haven’t used water beads before they are a great investment. I got mine from Amazon for around £8 and they are reusable so years of fun ahead with these.

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Of course, all of these 3 sensory play activities for toddlers (and older babies where appropriate) need parental supervision at all times but I enjoy a cup of tea whilst watching William have fun.

Happy Playing, Caroline x

Find more baby and toddler play activities at The Play Project https://www.instagram.com/theplayproject_/


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